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Ewok Engagement Cake

This one’s for all of our readers who are Star Wars fans.  A friend of ours recently asked us to make her an Ewok cake for her engagement. He said yes! So we got to make their wedding cupcakes also.

More On Our Naked Cake

What’s a Naked Cake?

It’s not naughty so just get your minds out of the gutter! A naked cake is constructed without frosting. Our groom didn’t care for frosting. The bride supplied us with a Pinterest post (boy, don’t you just love Pinterest? How did we find anything before it came along?) displaying a cake totally devoid of frosting.


The baker in me panicked. The venue was the bride’s family backyard. Lovely and perfect under its fairytale tents but still outside! I feared the edges of the cake would become dry and crisp before service. What to do? We suggested the cake be covered with a very thin ‘crumb coat’ of frosting, sealing in freshness but allowing the rustic look the bride was hoping for. Finished off with plump, fresh berries, handmade hydrangea blossoms and the whimsical wire “Mr. and Mrs.” cake topper it was a work of art! Well, at least I think so!

The flavors? I’m so glad you asked! The bottom tier was a three layer Vanilla Bean Cake filled with a creamy Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. The middle tier was Mocha Cake filled with Bavarian Cream and the top tier was a Tiramisu Cake filled with Mascarpone Filling. Yummy!

The cake was a hit with the guests according to the bride’s mom, who kindly texted to let us know.

What do you think?

naked cake

We’re still here!

Blogging is more work than we thought! Never the less, we’re still making cakes for wonderful people all over the valley.

Here’s an interesting take on camophoulage! It was created for a beautiful, intimate wedding for a truly wonderful couple. 

What do you think?

The cake topper was left behind in the hotel room after traveling all the way from Tennessee for the big day!  These are the kinds of stories that families pass on and laugh about for years to come!

We’ve had a busy month!

Knight/LambieFebruary was a busy month here at Vista Cakes.  Check out two of the wedding cakes we created for two beautiful brides!


They were both such joys to work with!  We’ve already entered their complimentary anniversary cakes into our schedule for next year!

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