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Ewok Engagement Cake

This one’s for all of our readers who are Star Wars fans.  A friend of ours recently asked us to make her an Ewok cake for her engagement. He said yes! So we got to make their wedding cupcakes also.

Mother and Daughter Wedding Cakes!

This month we had the rare opportunity to do wedding cakes for a mother and daughter both getting married! The first cake was for Marissa and Robert.  A traditional round, stacked, three tier cake covered in white fondant. The groom requested the shadow “W” on the front of the middle tier! The top and bottom tiers had quilting set off with edible rhinestones and dragees. The cake, designed to serve 75 guests, was Sweet German Chocolate with Coconut Filling.

  Marissa’s mother, Teresa’s cake was Strawberry with Strawberry filling. Ted’s grooms cake was a deep, dark chocolate with a mocha filling, covered in chocolate fondant.  Both layers featured the bride’s new initial and were hand “painted” with tone-on-tone frosting.

Kersh wedding cake 2

Hess Karren cake


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