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Ewok Engagement Cake

This one’s for all of our readers who are Star Wars fans.  A friend of ours recently asked us to make her an Ewok cake for her engagement. He said yes! So we got to make their wedding cupcakes also.

Memories are made from these…

My last comment about the little things that go wrong at our weddings making wonderful memories sparked some discussion around the shop.  At my own wedding nearly 40 years ago a heavy rain lifted the wax on the floor of our reception venue so that when I and my newly-minted husband stepped through the door…swoosh!…down I went!  No harm done, though.  Not even a smudge on my dress.  We laugh about it with every rain storm, even after all these years!

Sarah’s wedding we thought we had completely prepared.  No mishaps this time!  Famous last words!  We’re cake people.  We do wedding cakes and events every day of our lives.  What did we forget?  Her heirloom cake knife!  She cut her gorgeous cake with a butter knife!  When a guest commented on it she laughingly said, “It’s clean, no worries!” 

So here are snapshots of my own cake, complete with swans and icing flowers, circa 1973 and Sarah’s much more modern Italian buttercream creation with fresh flowers, circa 1999.

Embrace the mistakes that happen on your wonderful day.  In the future they will be the things that bring the most laughter, sparking memories and joy all over again!

We’re still here!

Blogging is more work than we thought! Never the less, we’re still making cakes for wonderful people all over the valley.

Here’s an interesting take on camophoulage! It was created for a beautiful, intimate wedding for a truly wonderful couple. 

What do you think?

The cake topper was left behind in the hotel room after traveling all the way from Tennessee for the big day!  These are the kinds of stories that families pass on and laugh about for years to come!

We’ve had a busy month!

Knight/LambieFebruary was a busy month here at Vista Cakes.  Check out two of the wedding cakes we created for two beautiful brides!


They were both such joys to work with!  We’ve already entered their complimentary anniversary cakes into our schedule for next year!

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