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A beautiful couple, and a beautiful cake!

Last weekend our amazing friends got married.  Because they are such a beautiful couple we thought they needed an equally gorgeous cake. They requested this lovely floral naked cake for the reception. We think you might like it as much as we did. Take a peek!


Wedding Cupcake Tower

cupcake tower

Not all of our brides think conventionally, and that’s a good thing! This weekend, Sarah and I made two hundred and fifty cupcakes for a charming “second-time-around” bride who wasn’t interested in a traditional wedding cake. We stacked them high and proud, topped with a six inch tier just to hold her cake toppers! Check them out…the groom is an avid golfer, she an avid shopper. I think you see the inspiration here.

Flavors? I’m so glad you asked! The top tier was marble (laced with a warming dollop of Crème de Cacao). The cupcake flavors were Cookies and Cream filled with, yes, cookies and cream frosting, Vanilla Bean filled with (say it with me) vanilla bean frosting, Lemon filled with lemon curd, Dark Chocolate Fudge (with rum and crème de cacao…yum) filled with fudge filling and frosted with dark fudge frosting, German Chocolate (yes, we added crème de cacao. It would have been rude to leave this one out) filled and frosted with Coconut Pecan filling and finally Pineapple (rum, of course) filled with coconut pastry cream (more rum) and frosted with coconut cream frosting (and more rum, but you knew that.)

The finished tower of cakes looked and smelled wonderful. The bride kindly gave us a call later that evening to report how much the guests had enjoyed them. A classy touch from a classy lady!

What flavors would you want for your cupcake tower?

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