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My Nephew’s Special Day

This is Caleb and Caianna Guarino’s wedding cake. He’s like a son to me. It was a privilege to do their cake and welcome Caianna into our family.😍 The bottom layer of this cake is strawberry with coconut filling, Caiannas favorite flavors!😄 The top is chocolate with chocolate fudge filling. They had a beautiful small Justice of the Peace wedding. After a couple of weeks they will have a group of their friends celebrate with them in Scottsdale Arizona. Congratulations Caleb and Caianna!!

C’est le gâteau de mariage de Caleb et Caianna Guarino. Il est comme un fils pour moi. C’était un privilège de faire leur gâteau et d’accueillir Caianna dans notre famille.😍 La couche inférieure de ce gâteau est la fraise avec remplissage de noix de coco, les saveurs préférées de Caiannas! 😄 Le top est le chocolat avec fudge au chocolat. Ils ont eu un beau petit mariage à le Justice de la Paix. Après quelques semaines, un groupe de leurs amis fêtera  Scottsdale Arizona. Félicitations Caleb et Caianna !!



A beautiful couple, and a beautiful cake!

Last weekend our amazing friends got married.  Because they are such a beautiful couple we thought they needed an equally gorgeous cake. They requested this lovely floral naked cake for the reception. We think you might like it as much as we did. Take a peek!


Ewok Engagement Cake

This one’s for all of our readers who are Star Wars fans.  A friend of ours recently asked us to make her an Ewok cake for her engagement. He said yes! So we got to make their wedding cupcakes also.

More On Our Naked Cake

What’s a Naked Cake?

It’s not naughty so just get your minds out of the gutter! A naked cake is constructed without frosting. Our groom didn’t care for frosting. The bride supplied us with a Pinterest post (boy, don’t you just love Pinterest? How did we find anything before it came along?) displaying a cake totally devoid of frosting.


The baker in me panicked. The venue was the bride’s family backyard. Lovely and perfect under its fairytale tents but still outside! I feared the edges of the cake would become dry and crisp before service. What to do? We suggested the cake be covered with a very thin ‘crumb coat’ of frosting, sealing in freshness but allowing the rustic look the bride was hoping for. Finished off with plump, fresh berries, handmade hydrangea blossoms and the whimsical wire “Mr. and Mrs.” cake topper it was a work of art! Well, at least I think so!

The flavors? I’m so glad you asked! The bottom tier was a three layer Vanilla Bean Cake filled with a creamy Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. The middle tier was Mocha Cake filled with Bavarian Cream and the top tier was a Tiramisu Cake filled with Mascarpone Filling. Yummy!

The cake was a hit with the guests according to the bride’s mom, who kindly texted to let us know.

What do you think?

naked cake

Wedding Cupcake Tower

cupcake tower

Not all of our brides think conventionally, and that’s a good thing! This weekend, Sarah and I made two hundred and fifty cupcakes for a charming “second-time-around” bride who wasn’t interested in a traditional wedding cake. We stacked them high and proud, topped with a six inch tier just to hold her cake toppers! Check them out…the groom is an avid golfer, she an avid shopper. I think you see the inspiration here.

Flavors? I’m so glad you asked! The top tier was marble (laced with a warming dollop of Crème de Cacao). The cupcake flavors were Cookies and Cream filled with, yes, cookies and cream frosting, Vanilla Bean filled with (say it with me) vanilla bean frosting, Lemon filled with lemon curd, Dark Chocolate Fudge (with rum and crème de cacao…yum) filled with fudge filling and frosted with dark fudge frosting, German Chocolate (yes, we added crème de cacao. It would have been rude to leave this one out) filled and frosted with Coconut Pecan filling and finally Pineapple (rum, of course) filled with coconut pastry cream (more rum) and frosted with coconut cream frosting (and more rum, but you knew that.)

The finished tower of cakes looked and smelled wonderful. The bride kindly gave us a call later that evening to report how much the guests had enjoyed them. A classy touch from a classy lady!

What flavors would you want for your cupcake tower?

Anniversary Cake

We were contacted by a lovely woman in need of an anniversary cake for her in-laws.  As we normally do, we asked what the original cake was like…flavors, flowers, frosting…to get an idea of the direction we should go.  In this case we didn’t have that to go by as there had been no cake! (I know, right?  Shocking!)  Our client did specify that the top tier would be chocolate with vanilla cream filling and the bottom tier would be vanilla with chocolate fudge filling, and that a shade of Country Blue would be nice.

And nice it turned out to be!  We made Freesias, Daisies, Stephanotis and Peonies for a bridal “bouquet” and painted a ribbon of Country Blue around the base of each tier.  What do you think?


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