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Macarons et Compagnons

Is there anything better than great Macarons? Maybe great friends!

Our little baker has made her first Macarons!

She struggled a little with the folding in of the whipped meringue/egg whites and the almond flour/powdered sugar…sorry no pictures of that…mom was too excited watching grammy show her how to properly “fold” the ingredients! These beauties are vanilla with chocolate and strawberry filling. You can see that the 1st batch did not crack! She is becoming a master of the pipe bag, (I say generously as it is much more fun to squeeze then stop.) Kait has filled them and topped them. Tell me what you think?? Beautiful or what??!!


Y a-t-il quelque chose de mieux que de incroyables Macarons? Peut-être des amis incroyables!

Notre petit boulanger a fait ses premiers Macarons!

Elle a lutté un peu avec le pliage de la fouettée meringue / blancs d’oeufs et la farine d’amande / sucre en poudre … désolé pas de photos de cela … maman était trop intéressé en regardant grand mére lui montrer comment correctement “plier” les ingrédients! Ces beautés sont vanille avec chocolat et fraise remplissage.

Vous pouvez voir que le premier lot ne s’est pas fissuré! Elle est devenue un maître du sac à pipe, (je dis généreusement car il est beaucoup plus amusant de presser et pas s’arrêter.) Kait les a remplis et les a recouvrir. Dis-moi ce que tu penses?? Beau ou quoi ?? !!

Pumpkin Everything!

As the fall quickly approaches, so does pumpkin flavored everything. Everything that is, from coffee and scones to ice cream and scented candles. So in that glorious tradition, I thought I would give you a friendly reminder to check out our cake flavors tab and just maybe you will see our favorite fall flavor. Wink wink. 😉

When life gives you lemons. . .make lemon curd!


From our lemon tree (or in this case my dear friends lemon tree as we ate all of ours..) to our lemon curd. We at Vista Cakes figure why buy it when you can make it?! As mother always says “Fresh is best”!

Please experiment with your fruit. Start with Lemons! They are friendly 🙂 here is our Lemon Curd Recipe:

4 eggs, beaten in a separate heat proof bowl

1 3/4 cups sugar

1 1/2 cups butter, cut into small cubes

4 large lemons

Zest and juice the lemons into a heat-proof bowl or double boiler. Add the sugar and butter. Place bowl over a pan containing a couple inches of simmering water. Be sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. Stir over the simmering water until the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved.

Pour a ladle of the warm lemon mix into the eggs, stirring rapidly to avoid curdling. Pour the tempered eggs back into the bowl with the lemon mixture and cook, stirring constantly, until thick and creamy (about 10 to 15 minutes). Strain to remove zest and any coagulated egg and pour into clean, warm jars. Seal while still hot.

Cool to room temperature and store in the refrigerator for up to a month. Makes approximately 2 pints.


Love and Marriage and Cake!

2015-03-04 13.03.20

Meet Lori and Artie

Second-timers Lori and Artie knew exactly what they wanted for their Christmas Eve wedding.  More importantly they knew what they didn’t want.  No drama, fuss or to-do.  Just close friends in the comfort and style of their own home and a celebration cake with a nod to the season.

Lori and Artie were a joy to work with…easy going and kind-hearted.  Just the sort of people we want to have as part of our Vista family!  The three tiered cake boasted silver poinsettias and white roses with just the tips of the petals brushed with silver, while pearls and crystals finished the holiday look.

The three layer oval bottom tier was Red Velvet with Raspberry Mousse filling, the middle oval was a three layer Tiramisu inspired cake with decadent White Chocolate mousse filling.  The top tier, not to be out-done by its bigger brothers, was a three layer Margarita Lime cake with fresh Lime Curd filling.  Yum!  The cake was frosted with creamy and delicious buttercream frosting tinted a delicate antique cream.  Posed on our silver cake pedestal, it was nearly as sparkly as the Christmas tree!

As is the case with all of our wedding cakes, we expect the top tier to be served to the guests.  It’s our policy to provide the happy couples we work with a fresh “top tier” for their anniversary celebration.  (Face it folks…frozen cake doesn’t taste good!)  The Margarita Lime cake proved to be so popular Lori confided that she should have ordered it for one of the larger layers!  No worries, Lori!  You can have your anniversary cake in any flavor you like!

Lori reports that the wedding was just as low-key and comfortable as they’d hoped it would be.  Our warmest congratulations to the two of them, with wishes for many years of joy to come.  And cake.  We wish them lots and lots of cake!

Medical School Graduate Cake

Our friend Lyn’s son just graduated from medical school. He is officially a physician’s assistant! So how much better would it be to hand draw on the scrub’s (made of fondant) pocket the caduceus as well as the trade mark “I’m a dr now” stethoscope. Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling completes the celebration!

Way to go! Heal many people!


Naked Cake and Baby Cakes

Naked cake. . . made you look!

naked cake

In other news. ..

Our friend had a sip and see to introduce her brand new baby boy Gunnar. She asked us to make blueberry lemon cupcakes. Sarah hand-cut the whales.


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