Painting on Fondant

We made a fortieth anniversary cake this weekend for a couple we’ve known for several years.  So of course we decided to try something we’ve never done before.  ‘Cause it’s such an unimportant occasion and all.   :: shakeshead ::
A small, intimate gathering was planned for them.  Beautiful linens and china were juxtaposed against rustic flowers and mason jars for drinking glasses.  It was not only lovely but it was seriously fun!  The cake was a 9”x13” oval covered in fondant and then “painted” with food coloring.  While we have used this technique in small ways in the past this was the first time actually painting the whole design.
Check it out!  Let us know what you think.
painted cake

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  1. Wow! Beautiful, such talent! I ALMOST wouldn’t want to eat it! I’m sure it’s delish!


  2. I think it’s awesome. You are so talented.


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