I’m so fondant of butter cream

Fondant fondant bo bondant banana fana fo fondant fe fi fo mondant – fondant!

I love both fondant and butter cream! Especially the butter cream we use because of our secret ingredient!!!! Having to take a poll and answer once and for all where my loyalty to frosting is though I had to chose fondant. I love it because its beautiful and delicious and can make a cake into whatever your little heart desires. How about you? Pick a side on the poll to your right.

P.S. Your singing that song in your head now aren’t you?

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  1. Ashlee Conrad

    Hi, guys. I personally vote for the buttercream simply on the basis of taste. But I do like fondant for it’s ability to make cool things like flowers and such.
    Any ideas on a campout cake? Ethan and Aidan are having a campout party in August. They are going to fish in our backyard(in the canal) , catch fireflies and sleep in tents.


  2. Hi! What kind of cake are you interested in? Do you want to make a “themed” cake or are you leaning towards something convenient and casual? Let us know. We’ve got lots of ideas to share.


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