Mom’s Night Out Fundraiser!

grad cake

Here is a cake we made for an 8th grade graduation. Zach’s mom had the winning bid on a cake from Vista Cakes and Catering at the Mom’s Night Out fundraiser held by Oakwood Elementary School. We were delighted to donate the cake to the worthy cause of class room supplies for the coming year! Our congratulations to Zach on his promotion to high school…and our thanks to his mom for her support!

Here’s where we started second (and third) guessing ourselves! Should we go with total honesty and pretend no cake ever leaves our hands without some trouble and trial? Do we pretend that no cake ever has a problem big enough to cause even our seasoned hearts to skip a beat? Or do we go with disclosure and the honest statement that all bakery’s have cakes that need extra love from time to time. The goal is that the customer gets the cake they love and deserve…not how much sweat and angst went in to getting it to them. In this case? We had a lot of both. On a normal day, a cake the size and style of Zach’s would be finished and flawless and out the door in no time at all. Not so much this time around! For some (still unkown) reason one section of the first tier buckled. In buckling, it caused a “list” to the side…not a terrible one but a noticable one. The solution? We had to lift the top two tiers off, set them aside and add extra structure to that section, return the tiers to the cake and then repair the damage that movement caused! ::whew:: Disaster averted! The finished product is fresh and young, perfect for our graduate.

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