Fridge Misbehavin’


So…we have raved about the benefits of having a home based bakery….well let me ask you this, at what temperature do you think your refrigerator should be? 40 degrees? 35?? 30??
well certainly not 66 ours is currently! And that is the freezer section! We are an Arizona based business, we rely on things being chilled for us…not warmed! Our climate does that all on its own.
so here we are with a clean fridge but no way to use it :/
Thankfully we looked in it when indulging ourselves of a much needed break of coffee & creamer. I will thank CornerStone for this discovery! Were not for the delivery of those cupcakes we would be in a world of hurt.
But again the bright side of a home based bakery is awesome neighbors who lovingly open there hearts & freezers to store our food! Thank you Erin & Paul! As well as our good friend & brilliant small appliance repair guy Doug Pfeffer, who has made time in his already full weekend to diagnose the our the fridge. we will know soon what the prognosis is it…death? Or life? Of the fridge. Only Dr Pfeffer can tell us
anyone care to wager??
Stay tuned, the saga continues!


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