When you’re lost in the details. . .

Sometimes when you’re planning an event, especially a wedding, you can get buried in the details. Like, what flowers do we get to match the bridesmaids dresses? What songs do we want (or don’t want) the DJ to play? . . .or should we get a band? How many guests should we have, etc. So when you are trying to figure out what size, colors, flavors, and fillings you want for the cake, it can be daunting. This is where we can help! When you have your free advisory appointment and you are lost as to what you want, we are here for you. We have cake books and flower books with lots of ideas that we use to figure out what you like. You can look through and put sticky notes on what grabs your attention. Then we go back and say “Okay, what made you pick this one?” We can piece together your cake this way. “Well on this cake We like the tiers, and on this one was the violet fondant and the one over there has a great lace detail”. . .and so on. We ask you questions such as, “How is your home decorated?” to figure out what you may like. You can also schedule a cake tasting to give you ideas of flavors and fillings! We have a wide selection of both! You can check it out here . .(https://vistacakesandcatering.com/cake-flavors-2/) and here . . (https://vistacakesandcatering.com/cake-fillings/). If you’re the inventive type and want a flavor not on our list, (like Pink Lemonade or something) let us know and we can see what we can come up with! Bottom line. We’re here to help! So don’t sweat the details. 🙂

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